Course list


Introduction: the history of sacred sexuality / Tantra - 1 evening

Learn the origins of sacred sexuality before the writing of the Vedas and the birth of yoga. Learn the importance of this practice thoughout history and countless cultures.


Introduction: Astral projections, myths and realities - 1 evening 

Learn about the various possibilities associated with lucid dreams and astral projections. Learn about to conquer the various fears and misconceptions about these natural abilities. 


Tantra 1. Transcendent sexuality - 4 evenings

Regenerate your entire being with tantric techniques and make great strides with one of the most poweful methods for self-transformation and the awakening of Kundalini.


Tantra 2. Advanced class, becoming the dragon - 4 evenings

Powerful seminar inspired from the ancestral tradition of sexual tantra to accelerate the process of inner transformation. 


Tantra - Sacred sexuality, levels 1 and 2 (week-end course) - 16 hours

Here are the 8 sessions of the sacred sexuality classes (levels 1 and 2) condensed into just one week-end! Discover the tools and techniques to ease well into this ancient practice.  


Meditation for inner freedom - 6 evenings

This course will explore a variation of what is called "mindfulness" or meditation of full awareness with the goal of freeing the mind. 


Lucid dreams and astral projection - 4 evenings

Learn extraordinary tools to expand one's consciousness that have been known and practiced throughout the ages by countless cultures.