Tantra - Sacred sexuality, levels 1 and 2 (week-end course)

Class that combines the 8 sessions of our courses on sacred sexuality (levels 1 & 2) in one weekend!



Open for couples and singles alike. No nudity (or couples' practices on location) during this class which is mostly theoretical. Practices are done in your home. No need to have followed a class with Summum prior to this course.


Here are the descriptions of the two courses (Tantra 1 & 2) which we will cover during the week-end: 

Tantra 1:

  • Discover the tools and essential knowledge to ease yourself in the practice of sacred sexuality. • Understand the origin of Tantric sexuality as taught in many cultures and throughout history.
  • Learn how to refine your sexual activity and to make your life force circulate throughout the body, enhancing your mind and body.
  • Share the physical, energetic and spiritual transformation with your partner to live a growing state of wellbeing, reconciliation and love.
  • Develop a deep mind-body connection for more inner strength and lucidity in your life.
  • Learn to push your 'natural' sexuality to its full development before undertaking a type sexuality that transcends nature
  • Knowledge of the invisible human physiology - the channels through which the life force circulates
  • Refresh your whole being and make great strides in your spiritual journey and in the awakening of Kundalini.
  • Much more!

Tantra 2:

  • Understand the basics of white tantric sex (with energy conservation - sublimation of the orgasm).
  • Use and projection of the sexual force of the couple for: regeneration, amplification of love, spiritual protection, stimulation of Kundalini
  • Powerful class for those not only interested in ""riding the dragon"" but in developing the power of life within.
  • Practical meditation experience as well as a physical body / energy in good shape (yoga practice) would be preferred but not essential.
  • Learn to ride the moment before the orgasm to extract all of its strength, without crossing the threshold. The sacred art of knowing to inhale the rose without having to pluck it.
  • And much MUCH more!

This class can be preceded by our (optional) introduction course: the history of sacred sexuality / Tantra (when this course is available). For more information click:

Ce cours est également donné en français, consultez notre calendrier :


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Presenter: Stephane Richer. Founder of Centre SUMMUM. ( Presenter at various festivals such as OpenMind, Timeless, Space Gathering and EarthDance. Speaker on the subject for more than 35 years. Author of the texts of a Facebook page on the topic of Kundalini and sacred sexuality ( with over 90 thousand readers.

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When: Our next Sacred sexuality, levels 1 and 2 week-end class will be on September 22, 23 and 24, 2017

Schedule: Friday from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm. Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am to 4:00pm

Where: Equilibrium Yoga Center. 4812 St-Laurent BLVD, Suite 101, Montreal



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Early bird price (online registration via Bookéo): 192$ (+taxes)


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Three registration options:

1. Online registration: click on and fill in your information (cheapest prices with this option)

2. Phone: 438-385-6633

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No food or accommodations provided. There is a good, healthy restaurant close by (Aux Vivres) or you can bring your lunch. 


This class is preceded by the introduction course: the history of sacred sexuality / Tantra. For more information click: