Meditation for inner freedom - over 20 approaches in 6 evenings (class in French only)

Series of 6 classes to learn how to meditate. 


Meditation is everywhere. At the heart of the practices of Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, yoga, Islam, Christianity and other newer forms of spirituality but also of medical practice. Therefore, there are numerous varieties of meditation. The types of meditation that interest us aim at freeing the mind from negatives elements that have accumulated within ourselves and continue to accumulate every day. The types that interest us also aim at developing a meditative state of mind that can be sustained throughout the day and even during our sleep to help us generate lucid dreams and much more.

  • The types of meditation we will be exploring aim at freeing the mind of its limitations and unleash our true nature.
  • Each evening, we will learn gradually more and more advanced methods.
  • We will develop our capacity for attention, observation, and awareness towards ourselves, towards the immediate environment, to our reactions to everything. Our goal being that this attention generates an instant understanding effect of what is seen and our inner reactions to it. Effectively ""digesting"" negative impressions as they come.
  • The course will explore variations of what is called mindfulness meditation, applied specifically to the movements of the mind and less to just the tangible and external body sensations (although their impact on our being will also be considered). 

These approaches have been taught in many schools of self-transformation. All can benefit from them. Both beginners and advanced practitioners of meditation are welcome.


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Presenter: Stephane Richer. Founder of Centre SUMMUM. ( Presenter at various festivals such as OpenMind, Timeless, Space Gathering and EarthDance. Speaker on the subject for more than 35 years. Author of the texts of a Facebook page on the topic of Kundalini and sacred sexuality ( with close to 100 thousand readers.

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When: Calendar on the registration page

Schedule: 7:30 pm to 9:00 pm

Where: Equilibrium Yoga Center. 4812 St-Laurent BLVD, Suite 101, Montreal



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