What is SUMMUM?



Summum is an educational center founded by Stéphane Richer, dedicated to providing information on techniques and knowledge that promote personal transformation. Our classes draw their sources from numerous cultures and schools of thought. We value a spirit of collaboration between organizations sharing similar values and ideals. We believe it is important that these tools be taught openly and in an objective manner.


Topics covered in the courses: various forms of meditation, amplification and channeling of personal energy, development of mindfulness, tantric sexuality,  lucid dreaming and astral projection, chakras, the path of Kundalini, etc...

Classes are in consecutive stages.

  1. An introduction class for one night, then

  2. Further instructions with our "class series" for four to six weeks

  3. We then have more advanced seminars which aim at integrating these concepts in everyday life, as well as workshops on weekends and special advanced practices for those who have taken all the classes.

Classes were compiled by Stéphane Richer, founder of the Summum center and are given by him and other trained lecturers and guest speakers.


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