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Summum is a personal development center in Montreal that aims to provide advanced training in self-improvement techniques, and create a community of people interested in the inner transformation. The approach is non-sectarian, eclectic, based on historical and anthropological approach.


Topics covered in the courses and workshops:

The classes are in consecutive stages.

  1. An introduction class for one night, then 
  2. Instructions with our "class series" for a few weeks.
  3. We then have more advanced seminars which aim to integrate all these concepts in every day life, as well as workshops on weekends and special advanced practices reserved only for those who have acquired all notions.

Classes where compiled Stéphane Richer, founder of the Summum center and are given by him, trained lecturers and guest speakers. 

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Friday, February 2, 2018
More info: class description


Free information evening! (in French)

February 9, 10, 2018
More info : class description

Tantra 1 & 2: everything about sacred sexuality

January 26, 27 & 28, 2018
More info: class description

Tantra 1: sacred sexuality (four evenings)


Lucide Dreams and out-of-body experiences (in French)

Starting January 16, 2018

More info: class description