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Lectures on the history and particular practices of “classical” Tantra including the philosophical approach, meditation (pratyabhijñā), the “sacred” approach to the body and sexuality, consciousness in dreams, Kundalini.

Links to similar practices from other spiritual approaches are also discussed in order to gain a broader perspective of these fascinating topics.

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Classes are only given French for now. Click here to access them.

Classes in English are given when sufficient people have shown interest. Contact us via the Contact page. Visit the French side of our web site for more courses.

IMPORTANT: classes with English titles are in English, our class times are in “Eastern time” (New York city/Montreal time zone) and our prices are in Canadian dollars. To see our French classes click on “Français” in the top right of our web site.

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All our classes are now given online (with rare exceptions).

We are based in Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Class days and times vary. They are generally given during week evening. 

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