What is the SUMMUM Centre

A few words on the Center, its founder, its misson.

What is SUMMUM


Summum is an educational center founded by Stéphane Richer, dedicated to providing information on techniques and knowledge that promote personal transformation.

Our courses draw on many schools of thought. In particular, we aim to openly share the “secrets” related to practices of sacred sexuality and self-transformation from some of the world’s most significant esoteric approaches.

Which ones?

Those of the West, including approaches such as Gnosticism, Kabbalah, Theosophy/Anthroposophy, Hermetism, alchemy, the Karezza method, Finn’amor/Courtly Love, etc. Likewise (and especially) those of the East, including approaches such as Taoism and Tantras (sacred texts), Yoga, Shivaism (from Kashmir, South India, and the Nath tradition with its approach of Ulta Sadhana), Pariyanga Yoga, Maithuna Yoga, the concept of Urdhvareta, Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism (especially those from the Kagyu Buddhist tradition – 6 dharmas of Naropa) including the advanced sexual practice of Karmamudra.

We value a spirit of collaboration among organizations that share similar values and ideals. We believe it is important that these tools be taught openly and objectively, while respecting the original meaning of the teachings.


Topics covered in the courses: various forms of meditation, amplification and channeling of personal energy, development of mindfulness, sacred sexuality as practiced from the perspective of the Tantras,  lucid dreaming and astral projection, chakras, the path of Kundalini, etc…

Learning is in 3 consecutive stages.

  1. Phase 1. 2-hours long “introductory” classes, then,
  2. Phase 2. 12-hour long more advanced classes for six weeks, then,
  3. Phase 3. The integration of the notions and all more advanced courses are covered.

Phase 3 requires having taken at least the Tantra 2 course (called “EVERYTHING about sacred sexuality practices”) or the Tantra 3, Kundalini course. This phase consists of follow-up through a Facebook group and Patreon, which aim to integrate all the concepts learned in class into daily life. This follow-up includes (depending on the Patreon subscription) advanced courses, discussions, exploration of ancient texts, dynamic interactions between members, advanced special practices, and much more.

Classes were created by Stéphane Richer, founder of the Summum center and are given by him. A teacher training is being created so that other people can assist in teaching.

For additional information: info@centresummum.com

How do the Summum Center courses stand out?

Our approach,

  • Describes a historically important and verifiable discovery: a different use of the high points of sexual desire related to love would have remarkable and accelerated transformative effects on the psyche. This is demonstrated by the neuroscience research of Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi.
  • Is based on sources. These courses are not a neotantric new age invention but teachings based on ancient practices that can be traced. Nothing has been invented or added to adulterate these practices, bibliographic sources are provided.
  • Suggests inter-spiritual links. Sometimes called “sacred sexuality or tantric love”, this practice is said to be the link between a large amount of spiritual approaches to the world (see our course on the history of sacred sexuality)
  • Is non-sectarian. Doubt and critical thinking are highly appreciated, we don’t use only the teachings from one school or guru, and nothing is asked of you during or after any class.
  • Describes a powerful practice. It was hidden until the middle of the last century because it must be practiced precisely otherwise inner problems may occur. When properly practiced, its benefits are astounding.
  • Its practice involves a wonderful play with desire, pleasure, love, contentment and awareness.
  • Describes a very different practice from common sexuality. Standard sexuality can often lead to satiety and possible dissatisfaction with the other, sacred sexuality engenders plenitude and the desire to maintain this state.
  • Is a quick teaching. These ancient practices were not revealed until after 15 to 20 years of preparation. We reveal the most advanced keys and safe ways to practice it during the 6 weeks of our classes.
  • Is for everyone. As much for singles as for couples, of all types of sexuality. Both for beginners and advanced in these studies.
  • Advocates experience. Our speaker has more than 35 years of experience and practice, founder of Center Summum, with his feet on the ground, a good sense of humor, no “spiritual title” and close to 100,000 subscribers on his Facebook page on the Kundalini and sacred sexuality.
  • Is inexpensive for all this: pay only $CAN 16 / hour (+ taxes, if applicable in your country) for the lessons (if purchased online)

The SUMMUM Center believes that sexual desire, ennobled by love can help transform the world starting from that point where all human life begins.

Looking forward to sharing this information with you!

The Founder

Stephane Richer has close to forty years of experience teaching spiritual awakening and the development of the Kundalini.  

Tumultuous beginning of life.
He started his life with a transformative experience at the age of 4 that would influence his life. He had a sense that human beings could be much more than what one could imagine. When he asked adults about these subjects, he was struck that nobody, not even his teachers, seemed to know anything about these ideas or even be interested in them. This motivated him early in life to learn to read quickly and try to see if any texts had been written on these subjects that seemed important to him.

During his early elementary school years, he created reading groups to explore the writings of various spiritual schools around the world in an effort to see if any had addressed these questions. He then joined many of these schools to learn about their more advanced practices and perspectives on these subjects.

Teaching during his adolescence.
After receiving training as a public speaker during his adolescence, he opened a center for spiritual studies at the age of 17 (in 1980). He simultaneously took various courses and classes on world religions and continued to extensively study the most important Eastern and Western spiritual movements, particularly their more esoteric schools (Gnosis, Tantra, Kabbalah, Sufism, Western esoteric traditions).

For a period of about ten years, he also conducted workshops in various spiritual study centers, including Jacques Languirand’s center, as a guest lecturer. The topics covered include work on the ego, channeling vital energy, sacred sexuality, tantra, awakening Kundalini, astral travel, alchemy, meditation, and even the initiatory symbolism in Mozart’s opera “The Magic Flute.” During the same period, he personally met and received teachings from masters such as Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov and Litelantes (wife of Samaël Aun Weor).

A break from teaching / focus on orchestral and choral conducting
In his mid-twenties, he took a break from teaching these subjects for about twenty years but continued his research and practices. During this period, he devoted his time to orchestral and choral direction (his fields of study at McGill University). He directed the Montreal Chamber Choir, the only independent professional choir (not associated with an orchestra) of the 1990s, with which he had the opportunity to lead several Montreal orchestral formations. He also composed film music, including for Kim Nguyen’s film “Le Marais”.

Return to spiritual teaching
He resumed teaching spiritual subjects shortly before 2010, with a Facebook page on the topic of Kundalini which now has nearly 100,000 subscribers.

Since 2011, he has been invited to give his teachings at spiritual festivals such as OpenMind, Timeless, Space Gathering, EarthDance, and others. The response from the public has been particularly enthusiastic. Taking advantage of this interest in his teachings, he decided to open the Summum Center. Today, Summum is experiencing significant growth and increasing its presence in the world through its participation in spiritual content festivals and online courses. Books are being prepared, a publishing house wants to publish his books, and they should be released soon…

Inspiration sources
His approach is inspired by several schools, including Western approaches (in their original teachings, not the modified ones later on): Gnostic, Freemasonic, Rosicrucian, Kabbalistic, Theosophical, Hermetic, Anthroposophical, Alchemical, Karezza, as well as Eastern approaches, primarily from Taoism and the Tantras (sacred texts) of Yoga, Shivaism (from Kashmir, southern India, and the Nath tradition), and Vajrayana Tibetan Buddhism (especially those of the Kagyu Buddhist tradition – 6 Naropa dharmas).

The approach is based on the premise that each philosophy contains different pieces of the puzzle of human transformation (the concept of Anekāntavāda in Jainism). By finding the links between the pieces, one can have a clearer overall vision.

To answer the questions he had at 4 years’ old: could human beings reach “higher levels of development”?

“I consider working on oneself with a certain type of “sacred sexuality” and certain meditations influenced by the philosophy of advanced Tantras in Buddhism and Shivaism to be among the most important self-transformation practices for the development of the latent potential in human beings. But these practices must include a great deal of preparation. The human being who approaches these concepts should ideally not only understand the why of these practices well, but also be ready for the circulation of this energy in the body, as well as know how to use the intense effects of psychological transformation experienced when these practices are performed correctly.”

years of teaching

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fans of his writings on his Facebook Kundalini page (KundaliniAscension)

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